If cars and engines are your passion and you have a good knowledge of IT and a good customer service attitude, then you might be considering a career as a motor vehicle parts worker. In this role, you’ll work within dealerships, in private garages or with individuals and offer advice on parts whilst building orders and making deliveries. So if you’ve got a good knowledge of car mechanics, can work as an effective team member and have good problem-solving skills, then this could be an excellent career path.


Although previous experience is not always necessary, you may find it easier to land your ideal job if you’ve got previous motor trade experience in motor spare stores, customer service or vehicle servicing.  You will be used to the ordering system, the pricing and the stock replenishment normally kept in the warehouse on Longspan Shelving which can be sourced from sites including www.rackzone.ie/pallet-racking/long-span-shelving.  However, there are many apprenticeship schemes now available for school leavers.


Whilst most of the advertised jobs in this field don’t request any formal qualifications, many employers will want you to have a full driving licence to make the deliveries. For apprenticeship schemes, you’ll need a minimum of four GCSEs at grades A-C or equivalent qualifications.

Personal Qualities

In order to become a motor vehicle parts person, you’ll need to have a good knowledge of car parts as well as knowledge of how vehicles and engines work. You’ll also need good customer service, administration, communication, IT and maths skills and have the ability to work well within a team. Finally, it’ll be advantageous to be able to translate technical jargon into clear English for your customers.

Career Opportunities

There are numerous companies in the UK that are reliant on the expertise of their motor vehicle parts people. However, as your career advances, you may choose to work at a specialist vehicle parts company. Working for specialist companies will require you to have in-depth knowledge of the specific vehicle type or part – for example, automotive wiring looms.

Further Information

Motor vehicle parts people work in a range of settings, from main dealerships to large service centres and independent garages. As you gain more experience, there is often a clear career path so you will be able to progress to service advisor or supervisor roles or even set yourself up as an independent parts supplier.